Monday, 22 August 2011

Is Melaka (Malacca) Really A Sex Bored Town ?

When my friend from singapore asked me one day what melaka can offer him, i just shake my head. That was 2 years back. Today, melaka got lots of happening hiding around, but only for those who knew the lobang !! He He ..I am going to start my blog by telling you my story of this massage place , let me just call it Thai Traditional Massage located in Melaka Raya.

It was saturday morning, as usual i took my breakfast around 10am. By the time i am done, it was 11am. I walk across the street and quickly see a new Thai Massage hiding around the corner shop house. The glass door in front was tainted yellow, a bit secretive looking at its decoration. I walk right in, and was welcome by a sweet thai chinese lady. In fact, they just open shop 5 min ago, guess i am the first customer. I smiled back, and act like very relax. So the lady boss knew i am new, she quickly introduced me for a 2 hour massage. I said OK, and sit down on the cushion sofa.Within 5 min, here comes a very nice and fair thai girl, i guess around 24 years old, slightly short , but very solid figure . Oohhoo..

This girl is called Ah Aim, fair and pretty face. We walked up the stairs, i followed her at the back. Purposely i can see her solid bud, wrapped by tight jeans. I chosed the far end room, and surprisingly she can speak chinese too. I had 2 hours massage session, so we spend time talking cork and get to know each other. The room is not very dark, so i can see her face well when i flip over, shiok man by just looking at her pretty face.

I guess she really likes me, and she hinted she was looking for a boyfriend too. I told her i am single, you know, boy can never tell the truth. I purposely play with her hand during massage, and hug her here and there. She did not resist at all. Ok, let's cut it short, first day was just massage and chatting, second day we kissed one another, and dont know how many days after that, i bonk her in the massage room... hoo hoo, sibe song.

Not sure exactly how it started, i took off my shirt, and lay down naked on the bed.I saw her put down the curtain and walked over. I started to hug her and kissed her all over, tongue to tongue.lips to lips..i slowly took off her shirt, she a bit reluctant. But we are lucky it was still early hours, no customer yet upstair. So i proceed unbutton her jeans, she resisted again, but finally give up. I took a close look at her when we both naked, and foreplay with her. She like kiss and i continue to make her feel good. I put my little brother in at last, and this time she used her hand to shut her soft yearning.. A..a...a...So, i slowly pump her tight pussy, harder and harder... until i unload everything on her belly !! That was damn good feeling. We spend four hours in the room, kissing..sleeping..foreplaying...fucking...massage a little..relax only.

OK, i guess my FR will end here. Location : Off Melaka Raya main road, opposite a big car park field. After few months, she went back to Chiang Rai, and bring some more pretty girls along. Anyway, i stick to her. She had gone back to Chiang Rai last month, but i am sure she will come back very soon.


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