Monday, 15 September 2014

Top Notch Kimchi in KL

This must be the best Kimchi dish i ever had, just like your fantasy come true.
Service is superb too.
Emma, 22yo, 165cm, 45kg, 36C 24 35

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Big BooB Gal (KL)

You want BIG BIG BOOB gal, i give you BIG BIG BIG boob gal..
Not only big, but original boobs (YO!! bro, no silicon stuff inside, good feeling touch)

Tiana, 24yo, 38DD 25 36, 165cm, Tomyam

Laila, 23yo, 38DD 25 37, 166cm, Tomyam

My new girl friend in Melaka

Want to share my new girlfriend ? Sweet sweet girl !
Because of her, I become 10 years younger and 10 times happier, huhu !!
Guess where she come from, if u got it right i will give you special "deal" :)

Susan, 21yo :)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Korean supermodel (KL & Melaka)

Suki, 21yo, 164cm ,45kg, 34C 24 36
From K-Land, super hot super sexy girl
May visit melaka too per request

Monday, 8 September 2014

Bosnian student in KL

Sabrina from Bosnia, 20yo, 163cm, 47kg, 34D 25 36. KL or PJ. May visit Melaka too per request.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

China Doll in KL (Cheras)

Shila from China, 21yo, 162cm, 43kg, 36B 24 36.

DouDou from China, 18yo, 162cm, 43kg, 34B 24 35

Sexy and Sweet British gal in KL

British gal 21yo, 168cm 45kg, 36D 25 36, Top notch.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gem stock from Saigon (Melaka)

Lisa, 20yo, 164cm, 42kg, 34C 22 32
Her plus point : High GFE + Sweet voice

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sexy Twin Sisters from Saigon in Melaka

Both are sisters in family, Helen is the elder one, 21yo, and Dina , the younger sister, 19yo.
Helen, petite size, 153cm, 41kg, 33B , but very fair and nice figure. High GFE. Can speak good english.
Dina, also petite size, about the same stats as her elder sister. High GFE.

Helen(left) and her younger sister, Dina (right)

Helen's pic, sweet looking girl

Friday, 29 August 2014

Sexy jenifer from indonesia

Jennifer,20yo, 164cm, 44kg , 36C 23 33, Indonesian java girl.

Sexy chinese teacher teach me sex lesson

First time in my life i was taught by a teacher how to be a naughty boy for sex. Damned it !! I met this sexy lad at KLIA, just touched down at the airport, and look lost somehow. I was in the airport picking up my "stocks" and saw her walking like a fly bumping in all directions. Taking a chance, i asked her what is she doing in the airport look like lost kid in the jungle? She was happy that i can speak good mandarin and she seems need my helping hand. She asked how to get to KL pudu area. I volunteered to drive her back to her destination after i settle with all my private matter. (Luckily my friend was around sending my stocks back home)

Here we go, while driving her to KL, she told me she was a primary teacher in XiaMen Hokkien province. She come here to visit her friends, and she wanted to spend like 2-3 weeks here for some fun activities with her friends. She also added she want to be like her friends making some quick cash before return back to China. So i nodded, and offer her some "nice" proposal. She was so happy at that moment as she seems to feel very lucky knowing me. May be i look handsome to her, haha. Anyway, she promised  to teach me something "Xtra" at her place. We reached at a nice condo around the pudu area, and took dinner together at a nearby restaurant. We had a nice chit chat session and laugh away with lots of chemistry !!

I went up together with her to the condo, and her friends greeted me. After helping her unpacking all the stuff, she went to take a shower. Huhu, i didn't know a teacher can be so sexy wearing a towel walking around in the bed room. After cleaning up herself, she laid down on the bed and seems exhausted of long flight. She asked me to come close, and she took away her towel showing off her naked body. She stared at me hinting me to take off the cloth too. I just obeyed and quickly climb up the bed like a naughty boy.

She let me do all the kinky stuffs, licking all over her body, and she seems enjoying it every minute. Slow and gentle, i finally "do" her with my mighty brother. She moaned so loud that i am sure everyone outside can hear it, but what the hell, that's  how fucking supposed to be rite !!

OK OK, the rest leave it to your imagination. Huhu..

Her name: "Teachmesex"
20yo, 165cm, 45kg, 34D 25 34, very sexy long legs and fair skin, but cannot speak good english.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sexy Indonesian gal in KL & Melaka

Sexy looking indonesian gal at KL and Melaka

Cinta, 21yo, 36C 24 35

Alisa, 20yo, 164cm,40kg, 36C, 22,32