Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Auto show model in KL

Car show model in KL, 23yo, 180cm, 60kg, super sweet look and gorgeous body. Only here for limited time.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Gem Nasi Lemak Stock in KL

Pretty, sensual, sweet looking gal, high GFE. Only 19yo. Local college gal (party animal ) !!
Can swing till your ball drop.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Local College Student in KL

Got 2 part time college students in KL, they are both CKT. Very young, 19yo and 20yo.
Damage is steep, enquire by email.


Friday, 22 November 2013

Raw sex in KL (Caucasian)

If you are looking for some RAW sex experience, try this girl. She is in KL though. Damage is high, can enquire by email. You can F*ck Her without CD. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Filipino Student in Melaka

Met a new girl friend recently from Filipino, very cute and sexy of course, will be visiting Melaka soon. 20yo university student from Manila.

Local CKT in Melaka Scene

Hard to get nowadays for Char Kuey Tiow (CKT )
Fresh stocks  in Melaka

Friday, 15 November 2013

Young Nasi Lemak from Local University

18yo fresh stock, 1st time freelance, plenty of GFE feel, sweet and tender, neighbourhood girl. Must try NL.
Only available for limited time.

Another 19yo gal, also from neighbourhood.
This 18yo from Jasin.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

2 blossom ladies from Hanoi, 23yo and 24yo. Sexy figures, and nice service. Jen Jen and Yuan Yuan.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sexy vietnamese university student in Melaka

A very sexy girl friend of mine, currently in Melaka for a week or so. Feel free to contact me if really interested. 21yo, 168cm tall, pretty fair skin, and best of all, firm breasts !!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A story about cheong..

How shall i start my, let me tell you a story about a brother who always cheong with me. Let me call him as Bro A. We are good friend, of course. Everytime i go cheong, i will surely go with him, as he also got a lot of lobang around. So, one day, we tried some tomyam in Melaka. Those chicks just touched down at KLIA, and we were so lucky able to try the first blood once they settled in the hotel. My good friend, Bro A, really like one of the girls, and he start to get hook with this girl almost every night. Of course, he had enough bullets in the pocket la.

So one day, he started to discuss with me if he should stop cheonging further and focus on this gem stock he found. I guess he fell in love with her la. I told him, if he really want to stick with this girl, better find out more from her family background first. You know la, girls in cheong business is really after the money only. The love part can be as real as fake..or shall i say .. f*ck ?

He had great time with her for a couple of months, and the girl start to ask my friend for more.. in terms of financial support of course. Lots of reason given.. want to buy nice phone , want to send money back home, want to support brother in school etc.. and my friend just obeyed like that.. stupid asshole  i must say.

They decided to spend some little fun time in Thailand, Chiangmai, where the girl come from. The gal brought him to his family, and they have good time there as well. He gave her new found darling another 10k just to make her family happy during their visit in chiangmai.

By the time he come back, he is half broke, in a sense. The gal wanted to stay longer in Chiangmai, and promised to come back 2 weeks later. By the time he touched down to KLIA, he just cannot get hold of the gal by phone anymore. No matter how many time he called her, there is no one answering.

He is screwed, yet he still think it is not the end. As time goes by, he finally realized how he was cheated by the gal as he start to piece up all the puzzle in the past experience with her. I guessed it was too late.

This is my advice to my dear cheong brothers here who follow my blog, dont be screwed like my friends. I have seen so many so called sincere and kind hearted brother who throw a warm blanket for the gals they think they really "love" and end up with broken heart and empty pocket. Just a kind advice.

Anyway, this brother is back to life and continue his cheong life style ever again...cheers..!!
Anyone interested in mix ? Eurasian model from Singapore, 20years old, the rate is pretty steep. Overnite deal start from RM4k for 10hrs. Will be travelling between Melaka and KL. Only serious enquiry will be entertained.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Baby, 20 years old, sweet looking vietnamese from Hanoi
AhJen, 21years old, saloon girl part time from Ho Chi Ming

Mei Mei, 20 years old, university student from Kantho, Vietnam

Monday, 8 April 2013

Sweet and Sexy Nasi Lemak in Melaka (Malacca)

Very sweet and friendly girl friend of mine from kampong coming to visit me in Melaka for couple of days these Apr 11-13 (Wed -Friday). Her name Sara .

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

European girl in KL

Anyone want to try this European girl?  21yo, stunning figure, can do anal some more. But not cheap also la.
Her name is Mariah.
If got demand, i will bring her to Melaka for 1 day trip. Woo hoo...

Monday, 11 March 2013

Vietnamese chinese girl in Melaka

Mix blood, vietnamese + chinese girl, look sweet la, and her treatment superb oh..very high GFE feel...

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thai University Student Freelance in Melaka

Two new Thai university students currently visiting melaka for couple of days. Anyone interested? :)

Mimi, 20yo

Nicky, 21yo

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sexy & young vietnamese chick in Melaka

I really don't want to share this girl, as it is a gem stock for me, and i plan to keep this as a secret dish long enough for myself to enjoy first. Anyway, she is petite, and best of all , very young, only 18 years old. This chick come from Hanoi, and quite high GFE (girl friend experience). Most likely going to travel to other locations such as seremban and port dickson soon.

You know, good thing about young chicks, is that they are not so well prepared mentally for all the fetish act, and they are scared too to offend customers. So, you can probably go a little extra mile with your wierd sex fantasy. I found they are quite obedient on the bed especially young vietnamese chicks.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sexy Latino Girl in Melaka

Early morning is always pretty busy time for most parents who brought kids to school.  Here is what happened one friday morning, around 7am along the road between Melaka Mahkota Parade and Red House area. I was passing by there as usual, driving slowly along the bumpy red tile road that stretch along the river bank and police station area. While driving, i saw a sexy tall latino girl jogging along the road. Wild guess , she is measured around 170cm, tall and busty curvy figure. While jogging i can see her boobs bouncing up and down like a big water melon . Woo hoo.. No action, of course la, first sight only.

Few days later, i put my car there and walk along that same area. I got lucky this time, i saw her again.  This time she was sitting around the clock tower in front the church house.I purposely walked over there and greeted her good morning with a friendly smile. She was alone, of course. She smiled back and chat with me a little. After some ice breaking sessions with her, she asked if i want to accompany her walk up the slope towards the A'Famosa castle. Of course i agreed la. We had a great time interchanging information while climbing up the hill side, and she reviewed she will be here only for 2 weeks finishing up her project with a singapore based company.

We finally exchanged mobile number and i invited her for a breakfast in Jeta Grove for authentic nyonya foods. We seems to click well :)

Here comes the exciting part. One night i called her up for a drink and she agreed. We met at Arena, Melaka Jetty. This club was well decorated , and since she stayed in Holiday Inn, it was pretty convenient for her. That's why almost every morning she jogged from there towards the red house for some work out.

I managed to get her drunk, and both of us are getting bold in actions. We were laughing and caressing each other in the club. The blue setting and the music around seems to make her feel real "hi" that night. Or may be it is the drink. Anyway, the best part is i get to visit her room after we left the club, and of course we had great sex after that.

Some pictures for you guys to peep.. is she HOT ??