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Sugar babe looking for sugar daddy (KL)

Got a friend recommend me this sexy sexy young lady, 19yo CKT chick (mix blood) and really fresh. She is looking for a long term sugar daddy, must pay her rm6K per month, in return she will perform her due dilligence 1 whole nite per week (8pm-11am). Or can go for short term package, rm1.5k per nite each week  for 4 consecutive  weeks. Any taker? Email me for enquiry and pictures.

How do you define a Bad Stock ?

Was in KL couple of days. Hooked up with a taiwanese girl. Thought i met a gem stock. So i quickly call her up and made an appointment with her at Sri Hartamas Mall. Reached there around 7pm, heavy rain outside.

Waited a while, then she called me up and ask me to come up to her nice condo. Here i came. Body and figure was not bad as in the pictures. So i chat with her a while, and get ready for the action.

This was what happened on the bed. She asked me to lie down, and let her service me. I said i prefer to play with her freely. She didn't allow. She started to tell me she doesn't like to be licked, doesn't  like french kiss, and cannot touch here touch there. Oh shit, i regretted not asking all those standard questions  before i come. This bitch must be really bad service type (thinking in my mind). Ok la, i obeyed, and let her play around with my little brother for a while. Before i knew , she already put a cap on my dick and performed the lousiest blowjob i ever experienced. No feel at all.

I gave up after 10min, and ask her to lie down. I pumped her straight while my dick is still half negaraku. What the fuck, i just put into her hole and trying to get the action going. Here came the worst part scenario- she started to put her hand around her pussy and keep checking if condom is still there. While fucking, i told her to move her hands away as it was blocking the action. In less than 10 min, she started complaining times is up, while i told her we agreed on 1 hour term. Then she pulled my dick out and check if condom was still there or not. What the fuck, i straight away told her OK la, games over. I cleaned myself up and quickly left that place while cursing her in my head.

Lesson learned :  Never ever let your small head ride over your Big head !! I suspect this bitch come from China mainland and not from Taiwan. Nowadays i saw some OKT selling taiwanese girls, but i think they are from China. May be no business due to lousy service.

Here's the bitch photos:

Pretty but can be thrown to recycle bin la!!
What a waste !! Mother Fucker !!

Saigon beauty pageant (Melaka)

This beauty pageant just arrived today from Saigon.
19yo, 167cm, 45kg, 34C 25 35
Hard to get nowadays.
Her name is Ah Niu

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sexy Local CKT MILF (PJ)

Local chinese MILF, 29yo, sexy silky legs with great figure, 165cm, 48kg, 34C 25 36. Very fair look.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sexy Local CKT (PJ)

Amie, local university student, 21yo, 163cm, 45kg, 34C 24 35
High GFE gal

Friday, 17 October 2014

Sexy Local NL Adlina (PJ)

Adlina, 21yo,155cm, 43kg, 34B 25 34
Local Nasi Lemak, I like her sexy lip very much :)
High GFE gal !!

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Sweet Girl from Bali (KL, Melaka)

Julia, 21yo, DJ in Bali island (Hometown from Singaraja)
161cm, 45kg, 34C 26 35